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Insider's Guide to the CCA Libraries: Special Collections

Overview of all the Libraries have to offer including resources, research assistance, & special collections.

Archival Collections

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Hamaguchi Study Print Collection

Materials Library

MUSE carts and science equipment in Simpson Library (SF)

MUSE cart and science equipment

With the support of a National Science Foundation grant, CCA has developed an innovative approach to support science education in the art and design studio.  In 2015, the MUSE project, Mobile Units for Scientific Exploration, was installed in Simpson Library -  a storage, display, and work site for the college’s science equipment collection. In 2022 the collection was moved to Hubbell Classroom 141.  Please visit the library to ask about access.

MUSE is designed to specifically support CCA's science instructors with “kits” that are flexible enough to provide equipment, materials, and supplies that can expand students’ knowledge of physical and life sciences. The units are also available to any CCA faculty member or student who attends training workshops on their use.

The MUSE and library installation were designed by students in an upper-division Furniture Production class under the guidance of Russell Baldon (chair, CCA Furniture) and visiting professor Allan Wexler (Parsons the New School).

Object Collection

In collaboration with Mara Holt Skov, industrial design faculty, CCA libraries have assembled an Object Collection for use in the classroom.  The intent is to create a collection of iconic objects representing a range of trends in design history, giving students an opportunity to study all the qualities of the objects: weight, materiality, ergonomic factors, etc.

The collection is still being developed.  Currently there are two themed collections available for use:

Machine Art: based on the 1934 Machine Art exhibition at MoMA

CCA libraries' machine art collection

This collection shows how industrially produced forms and materials have defined modern, machine age aesthetics.  Items incude:

  • Industrial units: machines and machine parts:
    • Springs of various sizes
    • Self-aligning ball bearings
    • Lock Washers
    • Spring Washers
    • Saw blades
    • Drill bits
    • Pulley
    • other hardware
  • Scientific instruments:
    • Vernier caliper
    • Outside caliper
    • Slide caliper
    • Brass plumb bob
  • Household and office equipment:
    • Flush valve, Scovil Mfg. Co.
    • Master lock padlock
    • Kwikset hall and closet door knob
  • Kitchenware:
    • Stainless steel bowl

Blobjects: Based on the 2005 exhibition Blobjects & Beyond: The New Fluidity in Design at the San Jose Museum

  Items include:

  • Candeloo rechargeable Lamps, 2003
  • iMac desktop mouse, ca. 1998
  • Ty Nant Bottle, 2001
  • Bulles d’Eclat, 2002
  • Oliblocks, 2000
  • Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical, 1999
  • Tooth Brush Handles, ca. 2004
  • Orca Mini stapler, 2000

Games Collection