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Interior Design

A guide to print and electronic resources available at CCA Libraries.

CCA Library Collection

You can search by keywords, author names, book titles, etc. Effective keywords include the names of designers, building types and uses, or construction methods or materials.

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  • Adding the keywords interior design (or architecture, etc.) can help exclude non-relevant results. 
  • Limit keywords to 2-4 relevant terms.
  • Be careful with spelling.

Reading List

The following eBooks, books, and articles represent key readings in Interior Design. eBooks and articles can be opened on your computer or mobile device.

Browse the Shelves

Browse the Shelves

Books in the library are organized by subject. Works relevant to interior design can be found under under NA (Fine Arts - Architecture), as well as under H (Social Sciences)NK (Decorative Arts), and T (Technology). Most of CCA's books on interior design are housed in the Simpson Library on the San Francisco campus.

HT Social Sciences - Communities
HT 51-395 Urban planning, urbanization, regional planning, etc.
NA Fine Arts - Architecture
NA 1-1995 Architectural history, individual architects
NA 2000-2599 General works, theory, and criticism
NA 2695-2793 Architectural drawing and design
NA 2835-4050 Details and decoration
NA 4100-8480 Buildings classed by material, form, and type
NA 9000-9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying
NK Decorative Arts
NK 1700-2195 Interior decoration
NK 2200-3496 Furniture, furnishings
T Technology, engineering
TH 1-9745 Building construction, architectural engineering, systems
TK 1-9971 Electrical engineering, electronics, lighting