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CRAFT 2700 / CERAM 3700

Resources for Bongs, Beads, and Beer Steins, an advanced craft workshop with John de Fazio.
Welcome to the CCA Libraries guide to researching the special topics in CRAFT 2700 / CERAM 3700: Bongs, Beads and Beer Steins. You will find articles, links to databases, and instructions for citing your sources on this guide. 

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Suggested keywords:

Bongs: "smoking paraphernalia", cannabis, history, "clay pipes", "water pipes", smoking, [geographical terms] (e.g., "Africa," "Southeast Asia," etc.).

Beads: beads, beadwork, [geographical or cultural keywords] (e.g., "Africa," "Native American," etc.).

Beer Steins: tankard, stoneware, German, beer, Westerwald, Mettlach, mug

Recommended Databases

Recommended Databases

CCA Libraries recommends these databases for the research required in this course. For more options, please visit our complete list of online databases.