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Nineteenth Century Portrait Photography (HAAVC-3000)


This guide is designed to help students enrolled in Caty Telfair's World in a Frame: Nineteenth Century Portrait Photography around the Globe class (HAAVC-3000) perform research. 

Start by searching for secondary sources related to your subject (encyclopedic entries, books, and digital articles) before trying to find primary sources (the specific portraits you will analyze and any contemporaneous materials). To do this, search for books in the CCA Libraries collections and article databases such as Jstor and Art & Architecture Source (linked below).

Most books on photography-related subjects will be located in Meyer Library in Oakland, but they can be delivered to San Francisco's Simpson Library for you.

CCA Libraries Book Search

Scholarly Article Databases

Finding 19th Century Portraits

The following platforms allow you to search digitized historic photographs. Use these services to try and find the 19th century portrait(s) you will analyze.