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A guide to Materials Research at CCA


Because technology and material science trends are constantly evolving, online publications, articles and blog posts are some of the best resources to keep pace with industry innovation. But remember...not all online resources are created equal!

When using online resources to perform research, always evaluate your source of information, like the author's level of expertise, whether the content is sponsered, or if the purpose of the piece is to express facts or opinions.

Below is a list of websites operated by materials manufacturers, professional architects and designers, as well as industry researchers, all featuring articles that report on current trends and topics. 


AZoM™ - The A to Z of Materials





Core 77 : Materials and Processes

Cradle to Cradle

Design Curial

Designer Pages

Green Building Elements


Inventable: Inspirational Materials

Material Lab

Material Biblioteket

Material District

Material Order

Material Research Society 



Product Design & Development



The blogs listed below provide commentary on the subject of innovative materials in architecture and design. Most of the blogs function to highlight and circulate topical news about material trends and issues, but others function more as online brand advertising for manufacturers to discuss new products and technolgies.

                                                                                  Illuminating Polymer Ribbon by Lunabright Light Technology

Inventables: Blog

Material Lab

Material Stories


Online Reference

These are resources to identify and understand industry terms and products.

Building product directory by Arcat

AECinfo - Building Products Information

Building product directory by 4specs